What is freedom School? 

Do you enjoy working with children? Do you need community service opporunities?

Do you have free time after your daily classes? Join us!



Freedom School is an enrichment program that young children attend after school. Do Better brings a group of UMD students to volunteer at Freedom School every week in order to spend time with the kids. At Freedom School, you can spend time with your favorite Young Scholars by helping them with homework, sing songs, dance, play games, read books, do arts-n-crafts, and eat dinner. There are endless opportunities at Freedom School and anyone can get involved!



Freedom School visits are important because these kids love when people come to spend time with them outside of the people they see everyday. A lot of these children have many disappointments in their lives and just need a friend to talk to or spend time with. Also, as a volunteer, seeing the kids' faces light up when they have a positive experience is so refreshing and will keep you going back to visit after the first time. One smile or hug can make both the Freedom Schooler's and the Volunteer's Day!



During the 2017-2018 school year, Freedom School visits took place every Monday through Wednesday from 5:00-7:00 at 1900 Massachusetts Ave SE, Washington, DC 20023. Transportation is either provided or the group takes the Metro to DC and back to the University of Maryland campus. Stay tuned for the upcoming 2018-2019 Freedom School details! 


If you are interested in signing up for a Freedom School visit or have any futher questions, contact us by email at DOBetterumd@gmail.com!